Finished My ‘Procreate for Beginners’ Course!

I just finished my Procreate for Beginners course! I’m getting a bit familiar with everything after completing all four projects. I’ve written about the first and second project here, and now I continue!

Project 3: Shade. The third project is basically combining what you’ve learned so far and stepped it up a bit. I’ve learned about shading in (traditional) lettering before, so I thought it won’t be that hard, but it is hard. Haha. Like I said in my previous post, I’m still trying to get a grip on the masks thingy because sometimes it gets confusing and I had to rewind the video and pause it after every step.


The word I chose might be too long so the letters are kinda thinner compared to the reference. Also, I admit the shading and the texture didn’t look too obvious. Sigh.

(I chose the word ‘sacrilegious’ because it was the first thing that came to mind at the moment. If by any chance you know “the fastest violinist in the world who plays 15 notes a second”, you may know why. Lol. Sorry for the inside jokes.)

Project 4: Beauty. This one is absolutely my favorite! I love seeing flower wreath but I’ve never made one before. This project will get you to use guide and symmetry options within the app. It took a bit long for me to create this one compared to previous projects because of the details. But, I’m enjoying every stroke and that’s what matters!


There you go! I’m doing one project every night so I finished the course in four days. I really want to thank Teela, the illustrator who made this free amazing course.

I really recommend this if you’re new to Procreate! It’s slow-paced and easy to understand for beginners (like me). The tagline is accurate, it’s the ultimate beginner’s course for beautiful Procreate artwork. 

Another reason why I recommend this course: it’s project-based! You will have to create your own artworks after watching each tutorial. Understanding how tools work is one thing; using them to create something you’re proud of is another very important one. (Yes, I’m quite proud of my works.)

Well, so if you’re interested to learn digital art in Procreate too, I’m sure you will do just fine with this course. Good luck!

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