Animals’ supports! (1)

I was walking down the street when a bird stopped by and said, “I am free, and you are too”. We looked at each other for a second, I smiled and thanked her. Then she made her way back to the sky, as I made my own way towards my so-called dream.

The Bird. (Already posted this drawing on my Instagram some times ago, inspired by one of my favorite artists Chibird.)

Five-year comparison! (2014 vs 2019)

Sooooo I recreated one of my very first mandalas from 2014! Same pens, same sketchbook.

2014 (left) vs 2019 (right)

Drawing for me is like writing a journal. When I look at my old drawing, I can mostly remember what I felt while I was drawing it, what/whom I was thinking, or what/who inspired me to make it. Also, every phrase I quote in my works (and Instagram caption) is related to what happened in my life, so I do remember what’s behind every drawing.

I used to surf the web looking for patterns that are easy enough to copy and modify (steal like an artist, right?), and countless mandalas later… My hand draws what it wants🤣 I’m just enjoying every line that I draw until now. The difference after these 5 years may look subtle, but I’m content with the progress made.

So I Started Art (again)

I’ve been doodling my whole life; especially when in class without even realizing it. I mean, who doesn’t? I was an aspiring comic artist when I was 8, (most of my friends were too) but that dream was eventually forgotten because you know, we’re grown up.

Back in college, before I was drowning in this visual art world, I used to play violin. I’ve been playing it for about two years, then I kinda stopped because I’d like to hang out with my friends so I got home late almost every day. Basically, the only time I could practice was at night. It was impossible because I’d like to play it fortissimo lol. I was a night owl so I desperately needed an activity that could keep me busy at night, other than studying.

That one day in 2014, as usual, I was doodling on my college notebook. But this time, instead of doodling on the blank corner of my notes, I doodled full-page:


It was a mindless drawing but I feel kinda satisfied with it. I thought of buying a sketchbook, and later that evening, I did. Oh yeah I don’t regret this decision at all. The drawing I made that night was:


It was nowhere near good, but I felt reaaaally good, and that’s what matters. I suddenly remembered how I enjoy drawing as a kid. Like a quote says, “Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.”

Long story short, that was simply how I got -back- into this visual art world.

(Compared to playing violin, drawing was extremely relaxing; there’s no need to be shy or worry about other people’s judgment. And of course, I could do it at night without any sound but music on my headset.)