Trying the #ToonMe Challenge, And…

There’s this one challenge on Instagram named #ToonMe Challenge that always shows up on my timeline since last month. It’s basically a challenge where we transform half of our portraits into a cartoon. It’s amazing to see many talented people doing such an awesome job of capturing themselves with a touch of their own creativity✨ Also, it’s cool to see some artists who never posted a single portrait of themselves doing a face reveal! Hahaha. Here are some of the examples that I took randomly from the hashtag #ToonMe:

A screenshot I took just now.

And of course, I also want to give it a try! Been wanting to do it since the first time seeing this challenge, and finally had the chance to do it last weekend.

It is literally a challenge for me because I don’t draw humans. I don’t have the skill, and I don’t have the will (yet) so I haven’t put enough effort to learn it. I drew anime a couple times before and I don’t hate it, but I know it’s just not my cup of tea.

The first thing to do is obviously choosing a proper selfie of myself, which I don’t have. Lol. I don’t take a lot of selfies anymore because I don’t see the point. No offense, but in my opinion, the culture of taking selfies -and posting it on social media- is kinda making people unconsciously express their deepest narcissistic self. This is also the exact reason why I took down all my portraits on my Instagram last year and simply don’t post anything too personal on the internet, including here on my blog. (Let’s say I do this to avoid the attention/appreciation/admiration from others online. Because once we get it, we tend to crave for more. And I know appreciation from others feels good, but I clearly realize that I don’t need it to feel good about myself.) But again, it’s just my perspective. By all means, people are free to do anything they want, including posting their selfies 24/7 as many as they want, and I fully respect it. 😀

Wow, that was out of topic and kinda deep but anywaayyy😂😂 I decided to choose one photo I took last year at one of the most beautiful cities on earth. That’s why I’m taking some selfies here back then, apparently.

I intended to make it a bit cartoony but I’m not quite sure how to (because I always fail before), so what I did was… Simply tracing my own face, thanks to Procreate. It’s the only drawing app I used on my iPad.

The whole drawing took about 1,5 hours, and here are my thoughts *in order* while doing it:

  • “How come I look at the mirror every day but never really pay attention to my own features?”
  • “Guess I should draw the outline first?”
  • “Ooh, I could manipulate my own brows. Let’s make them neat and thicccc!”
  • “Maybe I should add a bit eyeliner.”
  • “Don’t need to add the freckles. Hello, fair skin.”
  • “Drawing humans is hard, I’d rather draw some abstract flowers.”
  • “How to do the shading again?”
  • “Oops. Coloring is indeed hard.”
  • “Hey my face is done!”
  • “Can’t draw the background. Let me just drop some yellow dots and blur it.”

Yep, those summed up the whole process. Lol. And here’s the result!

My #ToonMe challenge. (Excuse me for intentionally posting this in small size.)

Okay. Final words: It feels weird.😂 Honestly, it’s refreshing to draw things I’ve never done before for once in a while. I enjoy it and can’t help but feel a biiiit proud of the result. But… I doubt that I will draw more portraits. Just because. Soooo, I think this might be the first and also the last of me drawing portraits.

I wonder what challenges will I do next?🤓

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