I’m Attending Online Course: Procreate For Beginners!

There was this one video on my YouTube recommendation that led me to a (FREE!) online course named Procreate for Beginners and I immediately went straight to the site. The course took about two hours (excluding your practice time) and it will give you every necessary thing to get to know the app. It’s a project-based course, so by the end of this course, you will have at least four artworks like these images below. I’m only halfway, but I feel the urge to share this here!

Project I: Floral. My creation is a bit different because I didn’t look at the reference when I did this, my bad. I mean, I watched the tutorial then I did it right away without looking back at the example, BUT I LOVED IT. Just look at these colors. Adorable, right?


What I really love about this piece is, although it seems complex, it is actually pretty doable even for a beginner like me. From this project, you will learn about the basics: selections, layers, brushes, typeable text, color palettes, and layer groups.

Project 2: Loopy, which I just did last night. Look at all those overlapping and underlapping flourishes! As tricky as it looks, I had a lot of fun doing this 😀 Also, I added some script lettering because I feel like it.


This second project focuses on layer masks and clipping masks! I’m still not familiar with it but I managed to finish this piece after pausing the video like every 30 seconds, haha. I guess it’ll be very fun once I get a grip on it.

Oh! And this free course will provide you all the brushes, color palettes, and textures needed for these pieces so don’t worry!

What do you think? There are two other projects in this course, I surely will write about it and link it here when I’m done!

Update: I’ve written about the other two projects, here’s the link.

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