A cat doodle, just because.

Inspiration comes from everywhere. Earlier today, my cat sat beside me while I was working, then I decided to make a drawing of her. I created this piece on Procreate (I’ve been practicing drawing on this app these past few days thanks to my new pencil).

Okay so now, meet my cat, Ciwis!

Doodled using Procreate, with the help of Google images as reference. I’m still figuring out everything, this simple drawing took me about 40 minutes.

This drawing’s dedicated to Ciwis, who’s been staying with my family for 7 years and still counting. There are times when I’m alone at home but I don’t feel lonely thanks to Ciwis who’s been here, there, everywhere. She was also here with me while I was drawing.

She’s always around with her adorably-grumpy face.

Yes, it’s nowhere near purrfection, so I better go practice right meow.

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