Animals’ supports! (1)

I was walking down the street when a bird stopped by and said, “I am free, and you are too”. We looked at each other for a second, I smiled and thanked her. Then she made her way back to the sky, as I made my own way towards my so-called dream.

The Bird. (Already posted this drawing on my Instagram some times ago, inspired by one of my favorite artists Chibird.)


I’m Aida, 25, from Bandung, Indonesia. I’m making this new wordpress blog to do a 30-day writing challenge. By the end of this challenge, I really wish my writing skill will improve. I have no idea what to write but I’m really excited! My plan is sharing one or two things about art (currently interested in brush lettering, zentangle, mandala, and watercolor).

Oh and I’m probably going to mix between English and Bahasa on my posts; hopefully I could also improve my language skill.

So yeah, hope this blog can help you in any way!